And then the distribution point blows up

Last thing Friday night I noticed the TV signal had vanished. So Saturday morning after the usual coffee, breakfast and dog pee (don’t mix those up) it was time for some investigation. I thought it was going to be a simple bad connection somewhere, but in the end it appears that the distribution amp in the loft although the power light was on, was indeed completely fucked and no signal was coming out of it at all. TLC Direct had them in stock, but closed at 12:30, it was 12:15. So I bodged the connection up to the main TV using a couple of chocolate box connectors and some silver foil. I also added an old aerial amp downstairs to give it a bit of a boost. Then I thought ScrewFix may do one, and indeed they did. So reserved that. Walked the dog. Did the shopping. By now time was getting on, so headed over to Yate and picked up amp. Then wandered over to Cribbs, wanted to look at some iPod docks. Went to John Lewis, looked at Bose docks, look pretty, cost a fortune and to be honest don’t actually sound that great. Went to HMV where they were trying to dump stock of obviously over bought crap docks. Went to Curry’s where they had lots of docks, none of them in stock.

Went to mothers. Listened to her talk about herself for an hour. Put her Christmas tree in the loft. Came home. Fitted amp. All worked no problem. Started on the accounts. Then got a text from Jamie to be picked up, he was in town with many females doing drinking and eating things. This was nine forty-five, he’s a hell of a partier. Picked them up. Came home and finished the accounts. Bought a dock of Amazon, so much for the high street retailer. Had a bath. Then cooked for one. I made a Phal, it was very good. Meant to be quite a hot dish, but it was indeed very nice.

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