A drilling and a filling

Today started again rather normally. Took Sasha to daycare. Dillon missed her. Still working on 64 bit conversion stuff, all going okay. Then took a break to go to the dentist. Considering I haven’t been for 18 months I got off pretty lightly. I was supposed to only have a check-up, but he said he had the time if I wanted work done now, so as I was already sat there I told him to empty my wallet. Which he duly did. I had two fillings removed and replaced and another tooth reshaped. It’s not like you’re normal NHS dentist quick drill and then inject the filling, this was all hand crafted and sculpted. I now have three teeth with nice white fillings, rather than the old mercury shit. It’s just a shame that I have another fourteen to replace. It cost two-hundred and twenty odd quid. Thankfully he said he didn’t want to see me for another year and just visit the hygienest with the same regularity. So I have an appointment in a couple of weeks for that.

Came back and got back on with work. Then picked up Sasha. She was suitably tired. Jamie walked Dillon. I went for a run, it was almost raining but not quite, so actually quite pleasant running weather. Still waiting for my new running shoes, old cross country ones have lots of holes in.

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