The Agila 1.2, why?

Today the nice man from Vauxhall turned up with my car. It now has a nose. I looked up underneath and there’s a bolt missing, a fixing missing in the middle and various plates hanging off. Also with the wheel on full lock, it banged into the wheel arch. So back to Vauxhall it went. To be fair to them it came back straight form a 3rd party body shop. The actual bumper repair has been done very well.

Apparently it’s all been fixed now so will be back tomorrow.

They left me this white Agila. It’s very ugly. Like a small high box on wheels. The boot is the size of a glove box. It does have four doors. The gear lever feels like a clunky piece of plastic connected by a broken Biro to a hair-dryer of an engine. It’s reverse gear is where my 6th gear is, which could lead to some interesting high speed gears flying up from the engine. Power wise it isn’t going to scare a speed camera in a 20mph zone. The brakes feel more like the pads are being grasped gently by a couple of dusters, so not to frighten the car into stopping.

It has no extras, no air-con and no redeeming features. If you want to carry four people in discomfort then it’s probably the car for you. The Vauxhall Agila….why?

In server news I’ve made a bit of progress by setting up two lan cards to bridge and then set that to filter through the firewall. I was able to access all windows and samba shares, so making progress at last.

Work wise, finished off iOS audio session handling and started off doing a windows version of the Apple Lossless codec.

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