No matter how much you swear at the ticket barrier, it’s never going to open with a Toy’s R’us loyalty card

So today I was rudely awaken by Tesco home insurance, they did the usual thing of send me a renewal which was over a hundred quid higher than the exact same insurance online. Why they do this every year is always a bit of a puzzle.

Then the man from Vauxhall turned up. Said, ‘Your car’s in for some minor body work’, then looked at the front of my car and said nothing further…My car has now been replace by some ugly white Agila on the driveway.

Took the dog out for an early walk, this confused her somewhat, but confused me more. Far too early for that sort of thing.

I then caught a bus (with common people) and went to the station, where I waited an hour and a half for a broken down train in the Severn Tunnel. Journey to London was fairly painless, caught up on a couple of episodes of Dexter. I then did battle with the underground barrier…the Oyster card and the Toys R’Us card are the same colour. And bloody tourists, I know the Olympics are on, but please don’t just stop dead in the middle of the pavement.

I then spent the day in the office, trying to discuss aliasing, but no one was really interested. It’s a subject that I now 100% refuse to talk about ever again. Our musician man was there though, so we discussed wine and some audio stuff. I did hunt around for a Vigor 120 ADSL modem, didn’t find one there, but after some useful negotiation one is on it’s way.

And then it was back home again. Had to wait an hour for a packed train, but did managed to get a seat. Got a taxi home and drank wine. To be honest a fairly pointless day and I’m knackered.

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