Don’t get that tin of pineapple unless it’s Dolphin friendly

So spent the day working on the new project, which is very interesting. Lots of maths, lots of probability theorem. It doesn’t do anything exciting yet, just produces lots of data tables. Still, behind every great game, is usually a great spreadsheet.

Walked the dog in the rain. Sarah came round and brought the carpet cleaner back. Another fun job I can do over Christmas again.

Then we decided to go to Tesco’s and do a bit of a Christmas interim shop, you know, pick up beer, crisps, beer. Got to the till, I say to Jamie that I forgot the pineapple for the pineapple chunks. So off he goes and gets a couple of tins. He comes back and says they are buy one get one free and puts them on the conveyor and I say, “Only get them if they are Dolphin Friendly mind.” Dutifully he picks up one of the tins and starts scanning the label. The old ones are indeed, still the best.

Went to the gym. Ran. Ate salad. Now no new torture porn has turned up this week, so will be catching up with telly instead.

Last work day tomorrow. Last gym day before Christmas as well. Still waiting for a few things to turn up in the post.

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