And so we begin

Right, so after four weeks of configuring Ubuntu and playing around I finally got here. First a bit of background. I may waffle a bit, I’ve spent all afternoon digging a hedge out of the front garden and I’m now somewhat relaxing with a rather nice Arabella white. I’ll note doubt waffle on about wine in future posts. I think I may have become an expert by proxy of how much of the bloody stuff I drink.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping a Filofax diary since I was 16, actually I got the diary at Christmas when I was 16, so that’s what the best part of 24 years. Every night before I went to sleep I wrote the day up. Admittedly the last 10 years probably consist of ‘did work, went to gym’. And the last few would probably be ‘did work, should of gone to gym, drank too much wine’. But the first 10 or so years probably contain some real juicy stuff, lots of inner thoughts, lots of things about other people, lots of feelings. All those years are safely sealed in dated envelopes stored away, so when I die they can all be chucked into a skip, as I will be ruled as ‘insignificant’, so nobody wants to read about my life, I can appreciate that as I’ve never been tempted to open them and read back through them. I guess unless you are Hitler or Einstein very few people could actually give a flying fuck about what you did, what you are, or what you perceive to be. Even your family, to be truthful really don’t give a toss.

So why now? Well time’s getting on, I’m getting more and more ancient (40) and I’m getting board of writing, ‘did work, went to gym’. So hopefully these updates will contain something of interest. I plan on continuing the paper diary until the pages run out at the end of the year, but that will be the end. Not quite 25 years, but enough is enough.

So basically I just plan on sharing my random thoughts of the day, things I’ve done or played with and generally waxing lyrical about anything I bloody well feel like. I’ve spent the past four weeks setting up this server, so will probably babble about that for a while.

You will experience bad language, probably defamatory statements about individules and companies, but I will try and keep these of a personal nature so as not to get sued, Bad spelling (although WP has a spell checker, it’s just failed to find ‘individule’ so no idea if that’s correct or not and I can’t be arsed to Google it), and bad grammar.

Anyway, that’s enough for my opening post. Next job is to do some extra WordPress configuring things. And this is the first night I’m going to let the server go live….bring on the hackers…

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