99 tracks and the bitch is one

Spent today back on the mobile game. Tweaking AI, audio and some other bits. Then various people decided to annoy me with questions on PS3 setup and linker settings. I felt like that guy in the Simpson’s on customer services – “I know nothing about Turkey, either the bird or the country”, now fuck off. Even setting my MSN status to “I’m busy, go away”, had little effect. May be I just stress too much.

Anyway, got it all done. Took the award winning dog for a walk (she really must drop that title) then went to the gym. Did a home check on the way back, they already have a very cute dog, so that’s a straightforward one.

Updated the thetorturepornmovieblog with my Saw 2 review. I don’t really do full synopsis, I’d rather people just read my rough outline and then go watch it. If I did the entire plot then whats the bloody point in watching the film.

Got to the root of the DVD ripping problem. If you open the DVD in media player and start the episode, look at the exact time of it. It will only match one track on the entire DVD, so that will be the one for the episode. Also found that I had to trim the last 5 seconds off each episode or the encoder would lock up. But after all that everything seems to work.

Got the office to order me a new SSD as this one is so chockka and I need to install VC2010 and that’s another vast amount of crap. The old one has a huge amount of bad blocks on it now anyway, so I may retire it over to this server as it’s backed up every night anyway and will save me a bit of power. I also plan on going back to the compact flash for the pfSense box, but will probably do that after they have launched the next stable update.

Now I’m not really in the mood for the Belgian GP, I fancy a film. So may settle down to something, I’m supposed to be in London Thursday anyway, so that will bugger up torture porn night.

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