Sometimes I get something right, just not very often

Work was oddly fun today. After finishing of battling with shaders I decided to write a new anti-aliasing system, whats more it even appears to work. Sometimes I get things right, just not very often. Took Sasha out for a longer walk today, only had time for lunch before it was off to the gym. Had a few beers in the evening with my sister. As the aircraft is out of action that kind of knackers my weekend up somewhat.

Most of the fajita sauce is off this shirt now

Finished off all the shaders today, thankfully. Hopefully have a quick play with something new in the morning. Walked Sasha and it started raining so cut it short and went to the bank and put a cheque in, yes they still exist and also picked up mother’s battery. It’s got a three year warranty so will far outlive her. Went for a run this evening, it was due to rain but stayed clear until I was about ten feet from the door so timed that just about perfectly.

I’m typing this with the laptop banging into Jamie’s head, it’s quite enjoyable

Today was spent on shaders again, I think I have one more day on it and I’ll be done. It’s mind numbingly tedious but has to be done. Nice out again today, walked Sasha. Wanted to get out this evening, drove round Downend trying to find a field, got there eventually. Only managed to get one Charmander, yet I need about thirty of the bloody things. Still, I have a plan that should just leave me about eight short of a complete set, not sure what I’ll do about those. Oh, and it was spitting with rain which was quite annoying.

I’m going to stop now as apparently it’s hurting his head.

Herniated disc and a very old friend

Can’t complain about work, well actually I will, it was fairly tedious and went for an early dog walk due to a data build. Beautiful very hot day. Had to vanish early evening to get stuck in traffic and go to the Glenn Hospital on the downs. Got there with ten minutes to spare. Saw Mr Katsimihas. First thing he said was that he knew exactly what was wrong with me. Which is a bit of a result since this has been going on since April. He showed me the X-ray which showed a deformity in the spine (I blame mother for that), my L4/L5 vertebrae are pushed together and not free moving. Also I have a very large herniated disc above it, it was fascinating to see this on the MRI image, he could scroll between body slices. He asked how it was now and of course it’s getting better. He was surprised as it was one of the biggest leaks he’d seen and said I should be in tremendous pain. He’s recommending a bit of physiotherapy, but apart from that, just keep doing what I’m doing and don’t try and bench press any cars.

Afterwards I walked across the downs trying to pick up a couple of extra Rhyhorns but only managed to get one. Then a voice called me over, a man with a small boy. I recognised the face shape but I’m bloody useless with faces. Thankfully he introduced himself, it was my old school friend Gareth. We reminisced that it had been all an awfully long time ago. I made a pinball table in CDT, he made a G-clamp, I always aimed high. That was with Mr Elsbury, he was a strange old man, just had a stroke, if you wore white socks from PE he would make you stand in the sink and sing. You couldn’t get away with that these days. We both complimented each other on our abilities to grow old disgracefully, I’m sure it will be another thirty years until we see each other again.

Last week of celeb BB

Started a bit late but managed to get stuck in pretty much all day with no real issues. Walked Sasha in the bloody drizzle and light rain, which was annoying. Walked to Combat, it failed to rain, although it was always looking like it. Came back and did more work.

Not sure if my mother wants her car fixed so she can get out and about again, or just so she can take Sheila shopping and charge her for it. Everyone is just waiting for her to pop off now, so we can all move on.

Last week of celebrity big brother, it’s been a strange one, but Bear really is a tosser.

Five for poncy tea, just able to stay awake

Started this morning with Jamie presenting me with stewed tea rather than coffee as the machine needed emptying. Tea got poured away, coffee machine got fixed. Only had one cup. He vanished to Tesco’s to get his mother a card. I got up and then walked Sasha for a couple of hours. Got back and then drove out towards Yatton. We actually arrived on time which was a miracle. We then had a very poncy afternoon tea, which was all good. Tea from proper little pots, finger sandwiches, scones etc. The problem was it was three in the afternoon, the body naturally likes to die at this time. It reminded me somewhat of when Martin and I used to go for one drink on a Thursday lunchtime and then couldn’t stay awake in the afternoon. Managed to get through it without nodding off. It was slightly embarrassing that I had to tell the father-in-law that I couldn’t take him up in the R22 due to the seat weight limit, but hey if it works for a target for you then have it as an open invitation, it will be a pleasure to fly you. Almost fell asleep on the way home, had to have a strong coffee. Weather was back to being awful so edited a couple more videos.

Tomorrow may be a strange day, my thoughts and hopes are with you Ally.

I’ve spilled fajita sauce down my t-shirt, it needs to last until Friday

Started this morning how I love to start weekends, in bed. Disappointed that Jamie on his weekend off had to getup to meet his friend Pete at the station. We rarely get to spend any time together in bed when both of us are vaguely awake. I had breakfast in bed, okay, it cost me three quid for Jamie’s bus fair, but it was nice anyway. Read the paper, then spent a good half hour evolving Pokemon. Weather was bloody awful. So the day I get off I have to literally stay in, which is annoying. Managed to walked Sasha and it wasn’t too bad. Dropped mothers shopping off, warned her that I’m pretty much away next weekend so she’ll have to survive off her weight watchers cottage pies and five billion yogurts, if she’s remotely peckish then she can always tucked into the family pack of custard creams. Walked round for a bit but the weather was truly atrocious. Spent the next few hours editing Laverne’s flight video. I’m really behind on the video front, so I guess it was nice to spend time doing this. Dropped Pete back at the station. Did the accounts and had a bath. Off to the mother-in-laws tomorrow, it’s her birthday, glad to see Jamie has got her a card – not.

And this is to a fishy boot (insider joke)

What the fuck is she going to do with all that bloody orange juice? I mean, I bought her two litres of the double concentrate stuff a couple of weeks ago. I reckon she must have the worlds biggest yeast infection with all that yogurt and some sort of weird drink problem. She keeps saying, ‘Oh I only eat weight watchers meals because I’ll get fat’. No love, it’s not the ready meals that make you fat, it’s the fact you live on your own and can get through a family pack of custard creams on a weekly basis that makes you fat.

Work was challenging, I went through my usual hourly mood swings of euphoria and depression. I ended up speaking to an artist which is never a good thing.

Rain all morning, walked Sasha very late in the afternoon, nice and sunny then. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home, caught some more Pokemon. Worked far too late. Looking forward to death, pretty standard week really.

What are you going to do with all that yogurt, do you have an infection?

Work was hellish (I’m still looking into stuff now as I’m just not happy with the current results). Another nice day, walked Sasha. Well tugged her around for an hour. Went for a run this evening and then back to work to christ knows when. Got a text from from mother, “You doing my shopping this week?”, is that a question or a demand. Anyway, I put her on speaker to Jamie and let him deal with it, it’s no different to speaking to any other annoying customer. She’s ordered an absolute shit load of yogurts, she have a yeast infection? She then asked when was I going to sort her car battery out, to which I answered, when you can afford to pay for it. She also complained that everything is cheaper in Iceland, I wish she’d fucking go there and get lost in a chest freezer, no doubt she’d wake up in ten years to piss me off after being cryogenically frozen with a bag of peas.

Must admit I’m getting a bit bored of F1

Started work earlyish. Started with a fun bug. Finished with trying to work out the offset of centroid versus centre. Yep, that was the fun of my day. Took Sasha out, wasn’t long as I had just too much work to do. I managed to pop out this evening and pick up some growlith’s, can evolve them now. Now sat down and put the last GP on, must admit it has me bored rigid, I just don’t find it interests me anymore.